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Jatun Yampara


Known for its artisanal textiles and ceramics, this small indigenous community exemplies the heart and soul of Bolivia's ancient culture.  This community project was integrated with national tourism initiatives to preserve and protect the local traditions and cultural identites.  


As you walk amongst its people and into its humble abodes, you will get a very interesting and unique immersion into the lives of these admittedly poor, but very proud people who are eager to share with visitors their ancestral ways of life.  You will observe their living conditions and village setting whilst learning techniques and participating in local agricultural and handicraft activities.


There is a small museum that you can visit with typical arrangements and exhibitions of Yampara culture.  You will also see traditional Yampara women weaving beautiful Llama fabrics with very complex patterns in vivid shades of of red, orange, yellow, blue, violet and black and you can also have your go at the traditional "chicha".  A fermented corn drink that is sold in the local "Chicheria" and has an acquired taste to say the least. 


Walking through this extraordinary village that focuses on preserving its ancient art forms and agricultural ways-of-life, you may leave with a greater appreciation and even a yearning for a much simpler way of life.  

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