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Tarabuco is a Bolivian town in the department of Chuquisaca, capital of the Yamparáez Province and is best known as the home of the Yampara culture.


Set amid crumpled brown mountains about 60km southeast of the city of Sucre.  The town itself is a pretty unremarkable collection of cobbled streets and red-tiled adobe houses inviting visitors to a small plaza with a modern church.  Its real claim to fame, however, is its Sunday market, which acts as a focus for the indigenous communities of the surrounding mountains, the so-called Tarabuceños.  This lively scene at the heart of Bolivian culture will give you an incredible insight into indiginous artisans and crafts. Their beautiful weavings that they come to sell are famous throughout Bolivia. 


A few blocks away from the centre of town you can still see campesinos engaging in "trueque", a traditional Andean system of non-monetary trade or bartering in which agricultural products from different ecological zones are exchanged according to standard ratios – potatoes for maize, dried llama meat for oranges, and so on.

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