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The Coffee Region


With seemingly endless spectacular panoramas behind every turn along with rolling hillsides, abundant coffee plantations, plunging valleys and audacious elevations, it becomes obvious why many people consider the coffee region of Colombia the cultural epicenter and the heart and soul of the country.   


Campesino or rural life continues as it has for centuries, harvesting coffee, plantains and various other fruits in this rich and fertile land. A visit to the coffee region warrants you to experience the tranquility of the region. Three departments make up the Triangulo Del Café. These three run in a North to South line following the Central Andean Cordillera. Caldas is the most northerly of the three, heading south to Risaralda and finally Quindío. To the East, all three departments are flanked by the scaling snowcapped peaks of the Parque Natural Los Nevados.


The climate is reflected by the extremes in altitude, from the harsh temperatures and savage beauty of the surrounding mountains at 5,000 meters above sea level (16,400 feet), to the sultriness of the Rio Cauca, the largest waterway in the region and also the second most important in Colombia. The river begins in the department of Cauca and merges with the Rio Brazo and then merging further with Rio Magdalena to the north.  Although the region is famous for its Colombian coffee, there is so much more that this beautiful part of Colombia has to offer.

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