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La Roque Gageac


The village of La Roque-Gageac is as old as it is mysterious. Humans have occupied this magnificent village built at the foot of the cliff, which is close to falling into the river, since prehistoric times. There are remnants of an ancient road and the site of a villa, from the Gallo-Roman era, as well as a Roman well in excellent condition. The known occupation of the site is however less distant. It dates back to around the year 849 with the arrival of the Normans in Périgord.


Ancient forts built into the cliff by locals to protect themselves remain from the time of the “Viking” invasions, when they came sailing up the Dordogne in their “drakkars” (Viking longships). Other remnants from this era include the wall and fortified houses, which made La Roque-Gageac a real fortress. This fortified town withstood the rivalries between the Capetians and the Plantagenets (French and English), only the gates anchored into the wall allowed entry into the village.

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