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PERU | September 2016


Our most popular destination is back in 2016!  


With a native Peruvian as your guide, Rosa will be leading another amazing trip back to the beautifully diverse country of Peru.  With its archeological wonders, Spanish cathedrals, legendary history, beautiful people and epic landscapes, Peru boasts some of the most photographed places in the world.  


Peru also has the second highest number of bird species in the world, so even the least interested bird watcher might be surprised when their inner ornithologist comes bursting out.  Be prepared to be amazed as we plunge into the ecodiversity and euphoric beauty that is Peru.


Peruvians have inherited various customs and traditions from civilizations that flourished for centuries before Europeans arrived.  Through a prolific diversity of festivals, music and dance, Peru's culture and people are something every traveler must experience.   High up in the Andes, the harmonious wail of the flute and soft beat of the drum  accompany ancient songs portraying indigenous life while dancers wear deviled masks depicting the marriage of pagan and Christian beliefs.  


There is nothing quite like the magic that exudes from the spiritual enchantment of Peru.  Roam through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, wander through the cobble stone streets of Cuzco and the exquisite lost ruins of Machu Picchu.  Combine these adventures with the experience and knowledge of a local guide at the helm and Peru will leave you breatheless and inspired, accomplished and forever captivated.  


Please, come join us!

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